LED Bulb Replacements

Soupdragon1957 wrote:

What I used for the idiot lights, single LED, get the correct colour LED to match the lens colour.

BA9 - Wide

1156 Turn Signal Bulbs.
1156 - A12 Amber, again bulb colour to match the lens.

You will need an electronic flasher unit, the original one won't work..
I think I used the FL2..

1157 Tail bulb
This one is new, it comes with white LEDs to illuminate the licence plate.

The big benefit is the reduction in load on the charging circuit. I was able to upgrade the headlight unit to 60 / 55 watt, no problems.


It may be required to add diodes to the turn signal indicator bulb circuit to get turn signals to flash when using LED's:

Note: The diode must have the end with the ring connected to the wire attached to the bulb socket.