Oil Pump Priming

There are a couple of ways to prime the oil pump. 

In any case, it is required that the main oil feed to the pump is free of air.  The line must be cracked at the pump and allowed to flow oil until all air is bled out.

Start the engine with the oil pump exposed.  Allow engine to run at idle while manually holding the oil pump cam wide open.  You should see the oil begin to fill the lines to the cylinders.  Lines should be filled within a couple minutes.

It is not necessary to run premix during this process but it can add a measure of safety for those that have problems getting line fill.

Another method of priming can be done with use of a drill.  By removing the pump and attaching a drill motor, with CLOCKWISE rotation, to the pump drive, the pump can be primed without starting the engine.

If any line fails to fill it can be caused from a stuck check valve or air leak at the pump connection.  Use of stat-o-seals at pump connections will minimize an air leak problem.

Filling oil lines via syringe and hanging them upside down overnight will check for leaking check valves and at the same time provide line prefill. Any leaking means defective check valves that can lead to engine damage.