Wheel Rim Codes


TAKASAGO   185  X19   4K  303

First stamp is the manufacturer Takasago, then the rim size, then a number, then a letter, then 3 numbers.

The number after the rim size is the year the rim was made. 2, 3, 4, 5 etc....197(2) 7(3) etc.

The letter denotes the month of manufacture.....A-L. Jan- Dec.

The last 3 numbers tell you if the rim is H1 or H2 or other model. The H1's are 305 rear, H2 is 303, S3 front is 308, S3 rear 307.

S1/2=303 fnt
S1/2=307 rr
S2A=304 fnt
S3=308 fnt
S3=307 rr
H1/A=302 fnt
H1=305 rr
H1/H2=303 fnt
H2=303 rr