H2 Rotor Puller

Phil Ives

Hermosa Beach, CA


Tech tip:  Since H2 magneto rotor pullers are not available, and I could not find a 10 x 1.25 x 110mm screw to fashion into a puller, I made one 1.25 x 35mm screw and a piece of 1/4" rod as follows:


Drill 1/4" hole approximately 3/16" into end of machine screw (salvaged from triple tree clamp or ?). Cut approximately 1-1/2" of 1/4" rod (or shank from 1/4" hardened bolt) and insert in tip of 10 x 1.215 machine screw. Now grease the threads and remove the rotor!  Be sure to reinstall with anti-seize compound.






A shock bolt or fork clamp bolt may work...


The trick is to shock it off.  A recipe for success usually is:

Grease bolt
Make sure threads in rotor are clean
Insert bolt
Tighten it until you think it's about to strip
Hit the bolt (never the
) with a 2 pound hammer. Don't wail into it and don't pretend. It needs a smart tap.
Retighten bolt
Hit again
Repeat as necessary - it will come off between hit 1 and hit 4, 99 times out of 100



For the '73 S2A you can use the swingarm bolt - it is beefy and full bore - with a smear of grease on the end and a light touch of the air wrench, it pulls the rotor right off.