S series Aftermarket Air Filter

Post by GaryR:

My local NAPA store has been looking for the stock S-3 equivalent aftermarket air cleaner for 2 weeks.
They found an exact match with a carbureted K&N Volkswagen air filter. NAPA and K&N part# RA056V.

This mod took only me 20 mins to do. My next email to to k&N and ask them to make this filter available.
The air filter must be ordered with the chrome top. Sells for $42.50 and because it's a K&N it can be cleaned and used for life.

Side by side both stock.

Just cut the rubber with a scissor. The half inch lip left over is as strong as stock.

Mark the holes with the old filter and drill.

You drill the center hole 7/16 and the two side holes drill with a 7/64 bit. Tap the end bolts with a 4mm .75 thread.

Stock measurements

Stock air cleaner in air horn lid.

K&N air filter in air horn lid.

Stock air filter box and part#

If anyone wants to help out and give business to the guys who helped me you can call NAPA ask for Tom at 732-449-0100 in Sea Girt NJ. Part#RA056V