Alternative Ignitions

mraxl wrote:
I was watching DYI on tv and they replaced the points on some '60s model car with an electronic ignition kit. Looked it up and thought it may work for an early H1 ignition replacement.

There is a ring that (on the car) slip fits on the distributor shaft. It is fitted with magnets that excite the module. The module is mounted 0.030" from the ring. The module wires hook to the coil. Simple!

Maybe, by modifying the ring (6cyl), it could be adapted to early H1. Don't know the current requirements or whether it could withstand 10000 rpm. Cost is about $120USD. If I had a bad box on an early H1 I'd give it a shot.

I remove on average 7 of them per week. NONE of them are the first one into that distributor, they are ALWAYS a replacement for one that has failed, and come to me after the owner is completely fed up with all PerTronix products.

I have removed over 900 of them in the last 17 years, most burned out, some that just don't work right, all from really upset owners that are tired of the B/S with them.

A PerTronix Ignitor, no matter the coil, no matter the model, resisted or not, will not make one spark plug volt more than a well maintained points system does. They just don't have the electronics/drivers in their circuits to make the coils work any harder than a stock points setup.

The LSC model is just a joke, seems every time PerTronix does an "update", they get worse, lots worse.

To make a PerTronix work on a three cylinder, you would have to do it one of two ways, one Ignitor unit, for 6 cylinder, with three of the magnets on the rotor removed (and they do fling them off with regularity), and three coils linked into that one Igniter, for a triple fire system, 9 sparks per revolution.


Three Igniters with ONE magnet and one coil per Igniter.

There are much better ways to do electronic ignition than a PerTronix.

The Unilite system is great, when resisted correctly, but, same setup, either three complete systems or one that runs the coils with a three "eye slot" rotor. Mallory's magnetic system rivals PerTronix for being the largest pile of junk in the ignition system world.

Kawasaki S3/KH400, H1 and H2 CDI boxes actually 'read' the intensity of the pulse from the magnetic pickup to change the timing curve. The stronger and longer the pulse, the more retard in the system, to a set point in the rpm range. PerTronix and Mallory, don't! They are just systems that dead read, with any and all advance derived from mechanical sourcing, like early four stroke motorcycles have.