Battery/Coil Ignition

First series A1R used a battery/points system derived from the street bike setup. So did the very first of the H1R's, SAME charging/ignition system the H1B used.

Not very many of the A and H series bikes came with the battery/coil ignition systems, and from what I have both heard and remembered from inside the racing department, they were all updated about 3 or 4 months after the first wave, so you could easily assume the bikes were all fitted with electronic magnetos only, when there were those first handful of the points/battery systems and then, A points/mags too.

The battery was fitted to a bracket that also moved the oil tank on the A upwards, very small 12 volt wet cell was used. The battery sat about two inches above the top of the swing arm with the full rear suspension collapsed. I remember the settings and procedure were in the first publication A-R series service manuals, and in the same for the H1R.

I think I remember an article about Tony Nicosia and his drag racer H1R posted on this site, that said he got the bile with the battery/coil/points system, then converted ot to CDI mag after about 3 months pf running it.

I have always wondered just why the factory used all those old stocker early H1R points sets on the H!b proddy bikes. First time I pulled the ignition cover off Steve Whitelock's H1B to set it up correctly from the crate, I was astounded to see an original H1R ignition system on it. He just shook his head in disbelief. I figure the factory just thought it was a good way to not have to scrap all those early battery/points H1R systems, as they could be used to product cheapen the H1B street bikes. I'm sure glad they ran out of them.