Fork Seals

I always take the springs out of the seals and undo them, then cut 5 turns off, and put them back together. Gives more seal lip tension without creating stiction from the seal.

To separate the spring, look for a place in its run that has a small section "missing". This will be where the square cut end of the spring meets the tapered end. Twist the two ends apart, counterclockwise. Cut and dress the square end, and twist the spring back together, insert it back in the seal.

I STRONGLY advise AGAINST using air as a crutch for inadequate fork spring ratss in the front forks. All the air will do is cause premature seal failure. To correctly do a gas medium in a front fork, there should be a complete separation of fluid from gasses, either from a gas bag, separator piston or accumulator, like a rear shock uses.

Better yet, spacer the front springs and leave the air out of them. I used to use Progressive front fork springs exclusively. They work well, and a simple tubing spacer will get them even better dialed in, way past what you can get from adding air pressure.