Gordon Jennings

Dr. Gordon Blair's book, written at Queen's University, Belfast, is THE book to read.

Jennings assemblage of ramblings and assumptions is virtually useless, always has been.

Too bad for you. We all have bad days. No flame, just fact. I have to have an operation on my left kidney, I have bad days with that for the most part, it's just day to day life.

I knew Jennings, nothing new there, just compilations of other's efforts, and mostly useless babbling that doesn't work as well as it is advertised to.

I had the pleasure and honor to sit in on a few sessions with Blair and Kevin Cameron in the early and mid 1970's, you could all learn lots from them both.

Bell is another that is well worthwhile to read, more so than Jennings will ever be. Yes, Blair is technical, Bell is more for the layman, written in easy to read style.

When Jennings states to set the oil to fuel ratio at 16:1, then use the hottest plug in the universe to fire the conglomeration of oil off, it is just plain wrong. Mark Homchick found that out the hard way on the Jennings tuned TZ250, constant seizing, plug fouling (more like drowning) and engine problems until he listened to a large bunch of us, including Kevin and I, and finally lowered the oil ratio down to 26:1and cooled the plugs off to the correct heat range. Jennings was furious, but the engine only seized one time after that, in three years of racing, from a failed base gasket, and never fouled another plug. Same happened for Mark when he changed from Jennings suspension settings to what other racers and tuners suggested, magically, the bike began to handle right.

So, I stand as I said, Blair, yes, added Bell, yes, Jennings, good fiction, nothing much useable.