H1R and H2R Oil Pump

Factory H1R and H2R had both dry clutch and oil pump.  And used "mix" as well, 30:1 Castrol R30. Same oil in the oil tank, a 6 oz plastic tank under the tail section, and the fuel tank. Oil pump had a screw type lock on the throttle wheel, locked in idle position, so it only changed the oil volume to the left main bearing and rod via engine rpm, instead of by the rpm AND throttle position as the street bike did. H1R and H2R cylinders didn't use the oil restriction/passage from the top of the case into the inlet port, but did use the restricted oiling to the left hand main. Oil receivers were also in place, no matter the engine. Only H racer I ever saw without an oil pump and oil receivers was/is the H1R-LC, or as Crussell calls them, the H1R-W, for liquid cooled top end. The water pump took the place of the oil pump on the top of the clutch cover. I seem to remember the oil pump drive ratio was retained same for the water pump, but its been years since I was inside one. Crussell may know, he's got one, I think (he's got at least one of everything else).