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Moo How-To Series              Darth How-To Series

Ichiban How-To Video Series Float Height/Fuel Level Setting
Body Repair & Repro - Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Honing Cylinders
Ball bearing Clutch Pusher Conversion - Spacer Kick Starter Installation

Ball bearing Clutch Pusher Conversion - Grind

Kick Starter Installation II
Bottom End Assembly Master Link Installation
Caliper Adapter (EX) Installation for H Series Oil Pump/Check Valve Testing
Caliper Conversion - LH to RH Oil System Videos
Carb Sync Plug Wire Repair

Carb Teardown - Part 1  Part 2

RH Engine Assembly
Chamber Mounting Shift Drum Installation
Check Valve Leaks Shift Shaft Seal Replacement
Clutch Assembly Solder Clutch & Brake Cables
Clutch Cable Replacement Timing Late H1
Clutch Plate Inspection

Tire Change - Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Clutch Release Comparison Tire Change - No Irons
Crank Seal Installation - LH Transmission Installation
Crankcase Oil Check Transmission Locks up Rolling Backward
Cylinder Assembly Wheel Bearing Replacement
Cylinder Stud Removal Wheel Lacing
Engine Startup