CDI System Diagrams

The diagrams linked below were derived from various sources.  The Late H1 and H2 CDI unit diagrams were from an article by Jan Macintosh printed in a Kawasaki Triples Club newsletter.  He states that they differ from those shown in the shop manuals and that what is shown in those manuals won’t work, where these will.  He cautions that letting the white wire contact any 12v source will be instant death to the thyristor.  The wires that go to the ignition coils may be charged with 350 volts, so beware!

 Johns02r6 in the USA can supply new replacement units.  Lakeland Services also supplies new replacements.  Rick Brett in the UK can supply replacement CDI units.  Jim Manning in the US will consider fabricating replacement units. 

 Please contact me if you discover any errors or have further information.  I would like to have info on KH400 system.   


Early H1      Late H1     KH400

H2/H1D   pdf w/bom


Ignition Types

Triple Ignition Summary

Aftermarket CDI Systems/Vendors

Build a CDI Tester

CDI Test/Troubleshooting Procedures

Mopar Early H1 Alternative

Late H1 CDI Build Inst  (PDF)
courtesy of Jim Manning

H2/H1D CDI Internals