Oil Lines
Lines are styled after the originals but they ARE NOT OEM replicas.


Steve (crabbysteve) and Jim (Darth) have decided to offer all the lines individually so that if someone needs a single line to get a bike going, they can. Or an entire set can be purchased.

At the present time, all lines have the ends for the serviceable valves only.

The serviceable check valve end has an O-ring seal instead of having to glue the lines into the ends.

This means that you can simply remove your check valves and re-install them anytime you wish.

The lines we now have fit the following bikes:

- All H1ís (69-73 use your existing check valves)

- All H1ís and KH500ís (74-76 you must obtain serviceable check valves)

- All Early model H2ís (72-73 use your existing check valves)

- All Late model H2's (74-75 you must obtain serviceable check valves)

Pricing on the new oil lines is as follows:

- Each line is $55.00 each. This DOES NOT include ANY pump side banjo fittings or check valves.
If you need pump side banjo fittings, they are $10.00 each.

- Pump side banjo fittings need to be supplied with each order so that the banjo can be fitted to the line(s) prior to shipping.
We are now using stainless steel bands to replace the original ones on the pump side banjo fittings.

- Pricing for the Late H2 line (1 into 3) is $165.00...
$175.00 if you DO NOT supply a pump side banjo fitting.
You will need to obtain serviceable check valves.

 If you have extra pump side banjos, we will offer $2.50 for each pump side banjo toward the cost of the line.

 We will also offer $8.00 for serviceable check valves and $5.00 for non-serviceable check valves toward the cost of the line.

Oil Line Installation

Contact: jimshreve@dcsamerica.com