I tested only 2 pumps (4 port type) at 2.000 crank rpm; total flow was 428 and 402 cc/h. ( that would be a theoretical 642 and 603cc for 3.000 rpm) One was marked H2B-1 and other H1-1, but I believe the last one was the same pump with a cable lever someone put from an H1, as I think there were not 4 port H1s. I have also another 3 port H1-1 that I'm rebuilding before testing.
I did not run a complete test at all lever openings yet, but I made some interesting tests with different fluids, that'll change the way people think about fluid viscosity x flow in this type of pump. I'll post that. There's also a noticeable difference in flow in a 3 way engine line as used in the H2B for the crank bearings.

Original file in pdf format

Drawing in pdf format