STARFIRE rebuilt
Early H1 Ignition Boxes


The charge for this service is approx $350USD per, BOTH A and B boxes. I will NOT gut the boxes for you...its messy and I have no access to any plating services here. The desired cosmetic appearance is your responsibility. Return shipping charges will be $35USD as these incur a weight penalty. Turn around time 1 to 3 weeks.

FIRST, photograph the units, taking note of the coloured covering ..if any, on the two transistor cases, these are the round indents at the top, and the wiring colours. This will allow me to perfectly duplicate the look of the original version.

The boxes must be completely gutted. This is best done by removing the aluminum tag and carefully grinding the two rivets. Cut the black double connectors and save these, if in good condition, as these are very difficult to source. Remove the 4 screws and pry off the base.  If your units are epoxy filled with a solid grey material, throw the box into a slow fire. This will reduce the internals to ash, and, with work, allow the unit to come apart. We only want the housings, and the internal metal, the transformer and transistor mounting hardware. These will not be damaged by the heat.

After a clean up the two boxes can be then plated by you, to your specifications, and the refurbished tags replaced. The other required decals are available elsewhere. Send me the boxes, and photographs.

The B box internal electronics, transformer, and the two transistors will be replaced to factory specs, the wiring connectors added, reassembled and fully tested before being returned. The A box will be fully rebuilt using modern equivalent components of a higher rating. Units will be minimally potted for moisture and vibration purposes and will remain more easily repairable in the future.

This will completely solve the Early H1 CDI problem for those owners requiring an absolutely perfect rebuild, to all intents and purposes being a new unit.

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