Starfire A7 CDI



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Discontinued - Use ZX Mark2 CDI Replacement


The latest in the STARFIRE lineup now includes a direct replacement CDI unit for the above and perhaps similar models. The unit is of one piece construction replacing both original CDI boxes. A sub model can have points triggering if wanted.

Fitting instructions.
1) Locate a position on the bike and mount the CDI unit using either a
custom bracket or double sided tape. DO NOT attempt to drill into the unit.

2) Identify the left and right ignition coil primary leads, these terminate
in a 3 pin plug.

3) Connect the BLACK wire from the CDI unit to the BLACK/WHITE striped wire
on this connector. (IGNITION COIL COMMON)

4) Connect the ORANGE wire from the CDI to the LEFT coil primary BLUE wire.

5) Connect the PURPLE wire from the CDI to the RIGHT coil primary BLACK

6) Double check these connections, and that the wires are correct to the

7) Identify the 2 wires coming up from the 2 signal generator coils in the
alternator cover. Connect the YELLOW wire from the CDI to the WHITE wire in
the 2 pin plug. PULSE COIL LEFT

8] Connect the BLUE wire from the CDI to the GREEN wire in the 2 pin plug

9) Connect the second BLACK wire from the CDI to a firm ground

10) Connect the RED wire from the CDI to the BROWN wire in the harness.
This is the 12 volt ignition feed.

The bike will now run.