Starfire ZX Mark2 CDI

The Starfire ZX Mark2 CDI is designed to completely replace the existing CDI unit and Magneto H/L voltage coils. If these bikes are used in road or drag racing form, they can also be used with minimal electrics.  A battery is required to power the Starfire ZX Mark2 CDI.

Quick specs:
Maximum operating current: 1 amp @12vdc
Maximum RPMS: 19200... 960 sparks per second.
Maximum primary coil saturation current: 51 amps at 4 ohms
Size: 2 3/4" long, 2 1/2" high, 2 inches deep, 3 1/4" between mounting holes.





The ZX Mark2 CDI is offered in three versions to simplify wiring and keep cost at a minimum:

ZX Mark2 -1: Kawasaki H1 (exc H1B) -
ZX Mark2 -2: Kawasaki Twins, Yamaha RD, Suzuki Twins, Honda CB Fours -
ZX Mark2 -3: Kawasaki Triples (exc H1), Suzuki GT Triples -

Pricing for the ZX Mark2 unit is based on exchange rate Sep 1, 2012. Shipping is $35USD on all units


The Starfire ZX mk2 is a small lightweight box and can be mounted simply by using double sided tape to either the original bike mounting platform, or a custom made bracket. DO NOT drill into the CDI box!!

Before fitting the unit to the bike, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! This is very important. The Starfire box itself discharges a hefty 300 volt pulse into the ignition coil when triggered, this can KILL if it comes in contact with the body.

The Starfire CDI unit does NOT require any modifications to the stock wiring loom. Use of the correct connectors will allow the CDI unit to interface with all bikes

DOUBLE CHECK all wiring before reconnecting battery .... if in doubt, contact me.

Any existing undiagnosed electrical fault on the bike can also potentially destroy the replacement CDI. Check all wiring first and make sure it is tidy and in good serviceable condition. Be especially vigilant if the previous CDI box has recently failed for no apparent reason.

An automotive type ballast resistor of 1.4 to 2 ohms should be placed in series with the 12 volt ignition power lead to the CDI, BROWN  for all Starfire CDI units or the RED wire on the HVU. This will prevent any overcharging or voltage spike issues with the charging system damaging the unit. Many bikes have old and dodgy regulators that are not up to specifications because of age, causing the  running voltage to rise significantly above the stock 13.2, sometimes as high as 15 volts. The ballast resistor is a standard over the counter item designed for normal automotive ignition coils and can be simply mounted under any handy bolt on the bike. Adding this component will allow more latitude with  charging circuit faults and increase reliability of the ignition circuit. It will NOT fix the original problem with the charging circuit.

Note: As from August 2011 all Starfire units do NOT require the added ballast resistor. A small upgrade now allows these units to run from 9 volts thru 16 volts without damage. All units sold after August are of the improved type. These are identified by a yellow lightning bolt over the Starfire logo.

The new Mark 2 unit is very efficient and very little heat is produced with normal running, however it is beneficial for long term reliability to provide a small air flow around the unit. If mounted with double sided tape, this will assure this, and also help with vibration.

When replacing spark plugs, or spark plug HT caps, make sure the cap terminal is a close fit to the plug. This is vital as if not a tight fit, it will overstress the ignition circuit. There are two types... check before fitting!!


Basic Wiring Pictorial Diagram

Installation Instructions and Detail



RD350 T500
CX500 Early H1 RD400 GT380

Late H1

  S Series & H1B   GT750
  A Series w/CDI    
  A Series w/points    

If you require a replacement CDI unit for any make/model not listed
here, contact me at for further information.
I will need you to email me a wiring diagram of the application,
or at least a link so I can find it easily. With no diagram, I can not help.