The new unit, fitted to this model bike gives the following advantages:

1) Standard fitting in place of the stock unit... small size. Neat installation able to use the original wiring harness.

2) Brings the complete ignition system up to modern standards, no longer requiring to use the original unreliable, expensive or hard to replace parts.

3) Can be used in the original factory specification, using the original Distributor OR in easily modified form, NO distributor at all! This is now an important consideration with the rarity and very high costs of replacement distributor caps and rotors, both with limited service life. The distributor can be simply ignored, or removed entirely. Power consumption has now reduced to 12 watts maximum at 8000 RPMs, allowing brighter modern lighting systems.

4) There is also the possibility for restorers to "disguise" the modern CDI unit, given its very small size , into an empty original "B" box, and using "dummy" Plug leads to have a stock looking installation.

For road racing and drag racing applications.
1) The new CDI will run as a simple minimal equipment, stand alone system.
2) Is compatible with external RPM limiting Tachometers
3) Will run 1.5 hours on a small set of AA nicads or similar... total loss system for weight reduction.
4) Small and light weight.
5) Potentially allows the rotor, and ALL rotating mass to be completely or partially removed from the crankshaft.
6) Increased CDI limit of 19000 RPMs!!!!.. a questionable bonus.

A relatively simple further upgrade is planned to convert the standard ignition setup into a full KH400 type system, removing the need for the "high voltage " distributor on these models. This will require a replacement stator plate, 2 additional pick up/pulse coils, and 2 additional ignition coils. Fortunately, the very small size of the new CDI unit, plus its ability to fire very small "moped" type coils there is room enough.



-----------Standard Factory configuration with High voltage distributor.--------

1) Remove the original CDI unit, and mount the Starfire unit in its

2) Identify the Black dual connector with braided Yellow wire. This is
the pickup pulse coil. Connect this to the Yellow wire from the CDI

3) Connect one BLACK wire from the CDI to the BRAIDED contact in this
same plug assembly.

4) Connect the CDI ORANGE,  to the LIGHT BLUE wire in the harness.
(ignition coil primary active)

5) Connect one BLACK wire from the CDI unit to the BLACK/YELLOW wire in
the harness. (ignition coil ground)

6) Connect the CDI BROWN wire to the BROWN wire in the harness (12 volt
ignition feed)

7) Connect one CDI BLACK wire to a firm ground

8) Cut short the unused wires at the CDI, and seal the ends with a dab
of nail varnish. These are not used in this application. These are BLACK
x 2, BLUE x 1, LIGHT GREEN x1, DARK GREEN x 1, PURPLE x1. GREY x 1

The bike will now run.

Click for Pictorial Wiring Diagram

----------Fitting instructions for the modified Early H1------------

Replacement Distributor caps are becoming a problem for this model ....
these bikes can be modified to  a similar system  to the KH400.  This
fairly simple modification requires 2 more ignition coils to be fitted
to the bike, and a new stator plate made with 2 more reluctors (pulse
coils) added. Two of the three trigger magnets also need to be removed
from each side. Fortunately, the extra room made available by the
removal of the existing two box CDI makes extra space for the additional
ignition coils. The existing, and now redundant distributor assembly can
be simply ignored.  It is planned to have a kit available in the future
to install this upgrade. The CDI is not required to be changed when
this happens, but the shortened leads will be utilized.

Click for Modification Instructions


--------Fitting instructions for drag racing road racing applications--------

This CDI will allow these models to run WITHOUT the rotor and any
ancillary electrics... possibly of interest to drag racing and  road
racing enthusiasts. A "total loss" electrical supply can be used to save
weight and complexity. It is suggested that a small rechargeable 12 volt
pack be adapted, a set of 8 x 2000mAh AA nicads or NiMh will run the CDI
for approx 90 minutes. Several packs can be held in reserve and
"hotswapped" between races. These must be supplied by the owner... each
application will be different.

1 ) mount the Starfire CDI unit to the bike.

2) Connect a BLACK wire to the  negative primary terminal of the
ignition  coil ground it firmly to the frame.

3) Connect the CDI ORANGE to the active primary terminal on the ignition

4) Connect the CDI YELLOW to the pulse coil/trigger.

5) Connect one CDI BLACK wire firmly to ground

6) Connect the BROWN CDI wire to one terminal of a kill switch or
deadmans....the other terminal will connect to the positive of the
battery pack.... see note.

7) CUT the unused BLACK x 3, BLUE x1 PURPLE X 1 LIGHT GREEN x1
DARK GREEN x 1and GREY wires to the CDI... they are not needed in this
application. Apply a dab of nail varnish to seal the ends.

the Engine will now run.

The GREY wire will immediately inhibit the CDI when grounded. This is
useful to connect to a rev limited tachometer.

The battery pack should be connected via a suitable POLARIZED plug
arrangement for quick changes. The POSITIVE will connect to the kill
switch, the NEGATIVE to frame.