Kicker Spring Fix - m in sc

I put the bottom end together yesterday on the 'new' H1...

For those who don't know, the kickstarter has a spring clip that rests in the case that goes around the gear which, when kicked, gives it enough resistance to engage.

I overlooked getting it in the correct groove, bolted the whole thing together and set her in the frame...

then the kicker didn't work. Confused Was it time to pull the cases?  I really didn't want to do all that again, so I pulled off the clutch housing and looked in there....

LUCKILY Kawasaki had a window, small, that I could just look through and see the end of the spring... I sacrificed a long flat blade screwdriver, heated and bent it and cut a 'fork' in the end of the blade and was able to push the spring over and snap it into the clip on the case.  I had to unscrew the big bolt for the kicker in the case.. (the stop screw) so I could wrap the kicker all the way around to get the spring tab up to the top of the case.

While holding the kicker all the way down i could then use the 'mini pickle fork' tool, the modified long flat-blade screwdriver .Works like a charm now... but it almost got ugly last night.

Here's the clip retainer and the window in this pic of Tim's motor... the bump under the text is where the spring goes, the window is to the left.
This is the top case BTW.

Correct installation with additional view of window