Triple Maintenance Manual
This manual is divided into sections for ease of viewing.  The entire manual can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.  The file is 75MB
Each Section is word searchable by using (Ctrl-F)

Section 1 - Troubleshooting

Fuel Excessive Noise
Ignition Handling Problems
Compression Brake Problems
Hard-Starting Clutch Problems
Erratic Performance Transmission Problems
Insufficient Power Kickstarter Problems
Overheating Electrical Problems
Excessive Smoking Troubleshooting Chart

Section 2 - Tuning for Performance

Carb Sync Ignition System Service Static Timing Early H1
Compression Oil Pump Adjustment Static Timing Late H1
Contact Points Service Oil Pump Notes Static Timing H2
Dial Indicator on Early H1 Signal Coil Gap Static Timing Points
Dial Indicator on H1D/H2 Sparkplug Service Throttle Drag
Dial Indicator on Points Models Start Cable Adjustment Timing (General)
Fuel System Notes   Timing Light Use

Section 3 - Fuel System Service

Air Cleaner Carburetor Tuning Carburetor Specifications
Carburetor Theory    Synchronizing the carburetors Fuel Tank Cap
Carburetor - Disassembly    Tuning the idle and low-speed Fuel Tank - Removing
Carburetor - Cleaning & Insp    Tuning the mid-range mixture Petcock - H Series
Carburetor - Assembly    Tuning the high-speed mixture Petcock - S Series

Section 4 - Engine Service

Principles of Operation   Testing the Transmission Shifting
General Service Instructions   Engine Assembly continued
     Fasteners   Fitting the Engine to Frame
     Ordering Parts        Assembling RH Side of Engine
General Tools             RH Engine Cover - H Series
Special Tools             RH Engine Cover - S Series
Overhauling the Engine             Check Valves
     Disassembling        Assembling LH Side of Engine
     Cleaning and Inspecting        Assembling Top End of Engine
     Assembling the Engine       Engine Specifications

Section 5 - Clutch & Transmission Service

Clutch Assembling the S-Series Trans
Transmission Adjusting Gear Engagement
Servicing the Clutch & Transmission      S-Series
     Disassembling      H-Series
     Cleaning & Inspection Clutch Adjustment
          Clutch Transmission Specifications
          Transmission Parts Clutch Specifications

Section 6 - Frame & Running Gear Service

Handlebar Rear Swingarm Disc Brake Service
     Removing      Lubrication      Removing Pads
     Installing      Inspecting for Worn Bushings      Replacing Pads
Twistgrip      Removing      Servicing the Caliper
Steering Stem      Inspecting Alignment      Servicing the Master Cylinder
     Checking Bearing Adjustment      Inspecting and Replacing Bushings           Cleaning and Inspecting
     Adjusting Bearings      Installing           Assembling
     Removing      Adjusting Chain Tension      Bleeding the Hydraulic System
     Cleaning and Inspecting      Lubricating the Drive Chain Wheel Hubs and Bearings
     Replacing Damaged Races Brake System      Removing
     Installing      Drum Brake Operation      Cleaning and Inspecting
Front Fork Drum Brake Service      Assembling
     Steel Slider Forks      Assembling      Installing the Wheels
          Disassembling      Equalizing Twin-Cam Brake Tires and Tubes
          Inspecting      Installing      Inflation Pressure
          Assembling           Centering the Brake Panel      Removing the Tire
     Aluminum Slider Forks           Adjusting the Front Brake      Inspecting
          Disassembling      Adjusting Brake Pedal Position Wheel Balancing
          Inspecting      Adjusting Rear Brake Swingarm Specifications
          Assembling      Adjusting Rear Brake Light Switch Tire Specifications
Rear Shock Absorbers  Disc Brake Operation Fork Specifications
     Removing   Drum Brake Specifications
     Inspecting   Disc Brake Specifications


Section 7 - Electrical System Service

Charging Systems Ignition System (cont) Lighting System and Warning Devices
     H1/A/B/C Charging Systems      H1/A/C Ignition Systems           Headlight
          Testing the Alternator           Timing           Taillight
          Testing the Regulator           Matching the Timing Marks           Adjusting the Brake Light Switch
          Testing the Rectifier           Timing with Dial Gauge           Turn Signals
     S-Series Charging System           Troubleshooting           Horn
          Testing the Alternator      H1D and H2 Ignition Systems      Troubleshooting
          Inspecting the Rectifier           Timing           Bulbs
          Inspecting the Voltage Regulator           Matching the Timing Marks           Switches
     H1D/E/F H2/A/B/C Charging Systems           Timing with Dial Gauge           Main Switch
          Testing the Alternator           Timing with a Timing Light           Rear Brake Lamp Switch
          Testing the Rectifier/Regulator           Troubleshooting           Front Brake Lamp Switch
Ignition System      H1E/F Ignition Systems           Turn Signals
     S-Series and H1B Ignition Systems           Timing           Main Fuse
          Timing           Matching the Timing Marks Wiring Diagrams
          Matching the Timing Marks           Timing with Dial Gauge      S-Series
          Checking S-Series with Dial Gauge           Timing with a Timing Light      H1/A/C
          Checking the H1B with Dial Gauge           Troubleshooting      H1B
          Troubleshooting        H1D
   Specifications      H2

Cycle World Road Tests

S1 & S2 Road Tests
S3 Road Tests
H1E & H2B Road Tests
H2C Road Tests