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Included here are several ideas on caliper conversions.  Click on the pic for full view.

It is recommended to use a 5/8 bore master cylinder for any dual disc setup.  However, a 9/16 with steel braided lines may suffice.  H1/2 optional dual disc was fitted with 5/8, while 9/16 was standard.  The 5/8 cylinder is stamped "5/8" at the lever.  The KZ650-C (dual disc) was also fitted with a 5/8, identical in appearance the the H cylinder.  Rick Brett offers 5/8 master cylinders.

The H1 is fitted with a dual outlet junction block at the lower triple tree.  The H2 & KH must have a dual block added or use a banjo bolt that will accommodate two lines.

Note that caliper mounting lugs on KH forks are wider apart than on H1/2, i.e., Z caliper won't fit KH, KZ caliper won't fit H1/2.

The LH H1/2 caliper mount plate can be machined to eliminate the lower boss and used with a spacer for a RH fit.  The line will enter from the front unless adapters are used to reverse the line and bleeder.  Use of the Z caliper eliminates this line problem. 

The KZ 650 discs (at least some of them) are 5mm thick vs. 7.5mm on the H.  They are a bolt on to the KH wheel (4 lug).  This drastically reduces weight but always use new pads for safety as it is under recommended minimum thickness (5.5mm) for stock calipers.



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KH500 Upgrade
KH500 forks, KH wheel, GPZ900 caliper, Z650 disc, GPZ900 m/cyl.
Bolts straight on, but the pads overlap the disc, so you need a small amount trimming off.