Starfire Ignition Systems
for vintage Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda

Please note that Starfire is no longer producing any products or taking any orders.  What is here is for reference and information only!
Taylorville, Westland, NZ

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Starfire ZX Mark2 CDI Replacement Unit *

* note: ZX Mark2 -2/-3 CDI are now only available in kit form

Starfire ZK CDI Replacement Unit

Points Interface Unit

High Voltage Unit

Early H1 A&B Box Rebuild

Early H1 Ignition Kit

System Monitor

Shift Light


Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Wiring connectors are NOT included with any units
One recommended source for connectors is Vintage Connections

Discontinued Models Below - Replaced by ZX Mark2 Units

Starfire ZX Universal Replacement

H2/H1D/KH400 Replacement

Early H1 Replacement

Late H1 Replacement

A7 Replacement

Points Conversion