Starfire ZX
Universal Replacement CDI

Discontinued - Use ZX Mark2 CDI Replacement

The Starfire ZX CDI is designed to completely replace the existing CDI unit and Magneto H/L voltage coils. This converts the CDI to a similar operating system as the original early H1 model. This complete unit's compact package is designed to fit in space provided for the original CDI. If these bikes are used in road or drag racing form, they can also be used with minimal electrics.  The Starfire ZX can be coupled with a Points Interface Unit to convert a points system to the power and maintenance freedom of a CDI ignition.  A battery is required to power the Starfire ZX.

Quick specs:
Maximum operating current: 1 amp @12vdc
Maximum RPMS: 19200... 960 sparks per second.
Maximum primary coil saturation current: 51 amps at 4 ohms
Advance retard curve: zero
Size: width 2 5/8", length 3 1/2", height 1 3/4". Overall length with mounts 4 1/2".


Price for the ZX unit is  $175US + $25 US shipping (based on exchange rate Oct 3, 2010). 

Basic ZX Wiring Connections

Installation Instructions and Detail



RD350 T500
  H2/H1D RD400 GT380
  Early H1   GT550

Late H1

  S Series & H1B    
  A Series w/CDI    
  A Series w/points    

Contact for installation instructions for other models.