Restoration & How-To

This is a collection of "tips" from various sources.  Use at your own risk!!!

Adapters (400 to 500) Date Codes Master Cyl Ratios S2 Piston Replacement
Alternator Rotor Mod Decal Application Master Cyl Rebuild S2 Teardown Photos
Anodizing Aluminum Displacement Calculator Master Link Install S3 Air Filter
    Meter Restoration Sand Casting
Baffle Removal Engine Building Multimeter Use Sealing Chambers
Baffle Repair Engine Timing   Seat Cover Replacement
Battery Eliminator Expansion Chambers   Shift Shaft Seal
Battery Restoration   O-Rings Shock Teardown
Beginner's Guide Fork Disassembly Oil - Two Stroke Side Stand Lean
Brake Bleeding Float Gauge Oil-Fuel Range Calc Sparkplug Codes (NGK)
  Fork Finish Resto Oil Leaks Sparkplug Reading I
Cable Lengths Fork Mods Oil Line/Check Valve Test Sparkplug Reading II
Cable Routing Fork Rebuild Oil Pump Article Sparkplug Tech Info
Caliper Conversion Frame Bracing Oil Pump Notes Sprocket Conversion
Caliper Rebuild   Oil Pump Priming Squish
Carb Adapter Gearing Calculator Oil Pump Seal Kits Stator Check (KH400)
Carb Finish   Oil Pump Test Bench Steering Head Bearing Conversion
Carb Leak H2 Ignition Oil Specification Info Steering Stems
Carb Tuning H2 Restoration Oil System Overview Stop Lamp Warning
CDI H2Rtuner Insight   Stuck Cylinder Removal
Centerstand Spring Inst Handling Performance Enhancements Swingarm Mod
Chain Lube Headlight Conversion Petcock Parts  
Chain Sizes Headlight Conversion II Piston Diagnosis Thread Repair
Chamber Mounting Hi-Lo Beam Sw Disassembly Piston Install (Wiseco) Timing H2
Check Valves Hydraulic Clutch Piston Position vs
 Crank Angle
Timing (Zeel)
Chrome Plating Hydrolock Plug Chops Transmission Repair
Clutch Assembly Tips   Points Conversion Transmission Swap H1>H2
Clutch Basket Repair Ignition Coil Reference Points Ignition Tire/Rim Conv Chart
Clutch Inspection Ignition Coil Wire Repair Points Timing Tire Pressure Etc
Clutch Release Mod Ignition Guide Port Timing Calculator Two Stroke
Theory & Tuning
Clutch Mod - H2   Porting Discussion Two Stroke Theory II
Coil Winding-H1 KH250 Restoration Porting (Denco Specs) Two Stroke Tuning
Coil Winding-H2 KH400 Airbox Fix Pushed Case Pin Repair  
Coil Winding-KH KH400 Detail Putting a 500 in a 400 UFO's
Compression Testing KH400 Rebuild   Undercut Gears
Cracked H2 Heads KH400 Restoration Reed Valves  
Crank Seal Install-LH Kickstarter Installation Regulator/Rectifier Conversion Wheel Lacing
Crank Seal Repair Experiment Kickstart Spring Fix Rotor Mod (Brake) Wheel Rim Codes
Crank Seal Test   Rotor Puller Wheel Truing
Crankcase Oil Check Leaking Carb Rotor Rewinding  
Cylinder Assembly Leaking Chamber Fix Rubber Mounts Zeeltronic Setup
Cylinder Mapping LED Bulb Replacement Rubber Softener  
Cylinder Swap-H2 LED Headlight Conversion Rust Removal  
  Lift Kit