S2 Microfiche

The entire microfiche can be downloaded from this link:  S2 Parts Microfiche (12M)

Index A2 Forward A3
Section A Index A1 Section E Index E1
Section B Index B1 Section F Index F1
Section C Index C1 Section G Index G1
Section D Index D1    
Air Cleaner B7 Headlamp, Meters, S2A F6
Brake, Disc E5 Hub, Front, S2 E4
Brake Disc, Equip C7 Hub, Front, S2A E5
Cables F4 Hub, Rear E3
Carburetor C2 Kickstarter B4
Clutch A7 Muffler B7
Covers, Engine B5 Oil Pump C3
Covers, Side E7 Optional Parts G4
Crankcase A5 Piston, Rings A6
Crankshaft A6 Seat, Dual, S2 F2
Cylinder, Cyl Head A4 Seat, Dual, S2A F3
Electrical, Engine B6 Swingarm C5
Electrical, Wiring G3 Tail Lamp, S2 F7
Fenders D7 Tail Lamp, S2A G2
Footrest C6 Tank, Fuel E6
Fork, Front, S2 D4 Tank, Oil E7
Fork, Front, S2A D5, D6 Tools G4
Frame C4 Transmission B2
Fuel Tank E6 Turn Signal, S2 F7
Gear Change Mech B3 Turn Signal, S2A G2
Handlebar D2, D3 Wheels E2
Headlamp, Meters, S2 F5